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Med-Op Laser  

Med Op Laser Technologies specializes in delivering technologically advanced and high quality aesthetic treatment . With over twenty years of experience in the industry and an enormous depth of clinical knowledge, Med-Op is able to offer technologically advanced solutions that deliver optimum results. In fact, Med-Op has elevated the efficacy of beauty treatments, delivering a safer, more effective and more comfortable solution for the patient. 

TST Dermo Flash

Dermo Flash TST is ideal for high speed hair removal, skin After Light rejuvenation and the healing of acne. Due to advanced design and technology, the NCPL system is able to cover a larger amount of skin in a shorter amount of time without the use of gel, making treatments fast and highly effective.

Hair Removal

> Permanent hair removal


Skin Tightening & Anti-Aging Treatments

> Softens scars

> Improves skin tone

> Increases skin elasticity

> Assists in smoothing lines and wrinkles


Skin Rejuvenation

> Stimulates collagen production

> Increases blood circulation

> Cell regeneration

> Boosts moisture retention of the skin


Skin Treatment

> Improves acne scars

> Addresses any skin infections and irritants

> Treats rosacea and other pigment disorders (PDT)

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