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Lucky's Laser Hair Removal

Where Technology Meets Beauty

The best way to
achieve silky smooth skin painlessly!

Keeping Our Promise  With Bringing  You The Best Hair Removal Technology Available In The Market!!!!


Intoducing the Laser Technology of Med Op Laser

NCPL™ or No Contact Pulse Lighting system, found in Med-Op’s Dermo Flash Range of products
covers a larger amount of skin in a short amount of time without the use of gel,
making treatments fast yet highly effective.

This system surpasses current speed, safety and efficacy standards.


Unwanted body hair is a major concern for both men and women, marked by the irritation caused from constant shaving or pain endured by waxing and electrolysis. Our mission has always been to develop and maintain the best possible techniques for laser hair removal by combining state-of-the-art  cooling laser technology with the science of skincare.

Our  non-invasive laser hair removal treatments are suitable for all skin and hair types anywhere on your body & face. We seeks to make the procedure affordable for anyone by offering deep discounts with the purchase of a package.

We invite you to contact us today for a free consultation.

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